Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vera Churchill WW2

WW2 medal pair to Vera Churchill whom I believe to be a direct relative of Sir Winston Churchill. She got married to Derk Johannes Mooi in the late 1940's since her medals, which were issued in the early 50's, were named to her married name. According to archival records she and D.J. Mooi were divorced in 1964.

I am interested in her connection with Winston Churchill. This next photograph is inscribed in her own hand on the front..."To Mummy, Daddy & Winston - Love Vera". I assume this "Winston" could be her brother who carries the family name. I have yet to confirm beyond doubt her relation to the great British statesman - Winston Churchill.


She must have been in the Union for a number of years since she was fluent in Afrikaans.

1939-45 War Medal & Africa Service Medal

W56145 V. MOOI (neƩ Churchill)

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  1. Nice post and interesting piece of history. I guess by the time we hit Beatrix St. in the 80's the barracks was long gone?