Friday, October 7, 2016


I buy and collect Military and War medals in singles or groups. Particularly medals awarded for Bravery or saving of life. All medals & memorial "Death" plaques covering the Victorian Wars, Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Falklands and the SWA/Angola campaign. All medals to the Army, Air Force and Navy. On this blog are some of the items I have or have had in my collection. 
To have your items assessed, valued or sold
Please E-MAIL or phone (or SMS) to 0823347899.

Herewith some examples:

Victorian Medals. (Pre 1901)

Boer War and WW1 group to a Boer recipient. 

Boer War medals to British recipient.

The 1906 Natal Rebellion medal.

WW1 medal trio. (1914-1919)

WW1 King George V medal for Bravery.

WW2 (and post) Naval group to a South African.
(1939- 1960's)

WW2 Military Cross for Bravery. (1939-1945)

WW2 Italian Fascist and Colonial medals.
(Late 1930's) 

Medals for the War in Korea to a 
South African (Air Force). (1950-53)

MBE with Republic of South Africa 
Defence Force (SADF) medals (Post 1961)

E-MAIL or Phone or SMS to 082 334 7899
Schalk Vorster